King and the Clown

King and the Clown  {Wang-ui nam-ja}
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Saturday, January 06, 10:30 AM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Tuesday, January 09, 9:00 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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King and the Clown
Wang-ui nam-ja
South Korea, 2006, 119 Minute Running Time
Topics: Asian, Gay/Lesbian
Program: Awards Buzz - Best Foreign Language Film
Language: Korean English Sub-Titles

Second on the list of all-time box office champs in South Korea, Jun-Ik Lee’s vibrant period drama follows two street performers whose satirical sketch about the king’s court first lands them in hot water and then leads them to perform for the king himself.

DIRECTOR: Jun-ik Lee
Producer: Jin-wan Chung Jun-ik Lee
Editor: Sang-bum Kim Jae-bum Kim
Screenwriter: Suk-hwan Choi
Cinematographer: Gil-woong Ji
Music: Byong-woo Lee
Principal Cast: Woo-sung Karm, Jin-young Jang, Sung-yeon Kang, Joon-gi Lee
Filmography: One Upon a Time in a Battlefield (2003), Kid Cop (1993)

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