The Banquet

The Banquet  {Yeyan}
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Saturday, January 06, 7:30 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Tuesday, January 09, 10:15 AM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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The Banquet
Hong Kong, 2006, 131 Minute Running Time
Topics: Asian, Drama, Martial Arts, Political
Program: Awards Buzz - Best Foreign Language Film
Language: Mandarin English Sub-Titles

Chinese director Feng Xiaogang’s lavish, tenth century spectacle recalls recent martial arts epics, but its true heart lies in its stately chamber drama intrigue starring popular actors Daniel Wu and Ziyi Zhang, loosely based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

DIRECTOR: Feng Xiaogang
Producer: Yuen Wo-Ping Wang Zhonglei
Editor: Liu Miaomiao
Screenwriter: Sheng Heyu Qiu Gangjian
Cinematographer: Zhang Li
Music: Tan Dun
Principal Cast: Ziyi Zhang, Ge You, Daniel Wu, Zhou Xun, Huang Xiaoming
Filmography: A World Without Thieves (2004), Cell Phone (2003), Big Shot's Funeral (2001), A Sign (2000), Sorry Baby (1999), Be There or Be Square (1998), The Dream Factory (1997), Gone Forever with My Love (1994)
Print Source: Media Asia

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