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Saturday, January 06, 5:15 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Sunday, January 07, 9:30 AM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Brazil, 2006, 90 Minute Running Time
Topics: Drama, Music, Musical, Teen, Woman Director
Program: Cine Latino
Language: Portuguese English Sub-Titles

Dynamic, vibrant and life-affirming, Tata Amaral’s third feature, Antonia, describes the ups and downs of a group of female rappers living on the outskirts of São Paulo. Their love of performing and creating music together—despite the many obstacles presented by being poor, black and female in a male-dominated profession—is inspiring.

DIRECTOR: Tata Amaral
Producer: Geórgia Costa Araújo Tata Amaral
Editor: Idê Lacreta
Screenwriter: Roberto Moreira Tata Amaral
Cinematographer: Jacob Sarmento Solitrenick
Music: Beto Villares Parteum Negra Li Leilah Moreno Cindy Quelynah
Principal Cast: Negra Li, Leilah Moreno, Cindy, Quelynah, Thaide
Filmography: Através da Janela (2000), A Starry Sky (1997)
Print Source: Lumina Films

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