Playground Chronicles

Playground Chronicles  {Chroniques d'une cour de recre}
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Tuesday, January 08, 7:00 PM
Camelot Theatres
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Thursday, January 10, 5:30 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Friday, January 11, 3:30 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Playground Chronicles
Chroniques d'une cour de recre
France, 2012, 85 Minute Running Time
North American Premiere
Topics: Comedy, Coming of Age, Family Friendly
Program: New Voices/New Visions
Language: French, Arabic English Sub-Titles

A refreshing corrective to the seemingly constant stream of trouble-in-the-banlieue dramas coming out of France, director Brahim Fritah’s charismatic debut mines his own childhood in the Parisian suburbs to charming effect. And while the film does contain undertones of the social unrest and racial strife soon to come, its subject and setting—the director’s 10-year-old alter ego Brahim (Yanis Bahloul) and his summertime adventures on the sunny outskirts of Paris, circa 1980—allow Fritah to focus on those last, best days of childhood, when dreams and possibilities seemed endless.

The head-in-the-clouds French-Moroccan Brahim, obsessed with cinema and enamored of his fellow student Nathalie, pals around with his best friend, Chilean refugee Salvador (Rocco Campochiaro), while remaining oblivious to the economic troubles faced by his parents. Fritah uses a grab-bag of whimsical visual tricks – freeze frames, black-and-white sections and even dance numbers, to name a few – to perfectly complement young Brahim’s brimming imagination and convey his infectious joie de vivre, creating an absolutely winning coming-of-age comedy in the process.

Director Brahim Fritah expected to attend screenings

DIRECTOR: Brahim Fritah
Producer: Philippe Delarue
Editor: Catherine Mantion
Screenwriter: Johanne Bernard, Brahim Fritah
Cinematographer: Pascal Lagriffoul
Music: Jean Christophe Onno
Principal Cast: Yanis Bahloul, Rocco Campochiard, Vincent Rottiers, Anne Azoulay, Philippe Rebbot, Mostefa Djadjam, Dalila Ibnou Ennadre
Filmography: Debut Feature
Print Source: Futurikon -

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