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Gala Screening
Wednesday, January 09, 7:30 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Friday, January 11, 1:00 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Canada, 2012, 91 Minute Running Time
Topics: Comedy, Gay/Lesbian, Latino, Woman Director
Program: The Gay! La "Hers"
Language: English

Awards: Winner: Audience Awards (Best Feature), Toronto Inside Out LGBT Film Festival

When illegal Mexican nanny Margarita (vivacious Nicola Correia Damude) is fired by her cash-strapped yuppie employers, it sets in motion a chain of events that leaves her torn between loyalties and the law. Desperately in love, but feeling rejected by her commitment-phobic girlfriend, Margarita becomes resigned to starting a new life back home in Mexico.

The family quickly discovers that Margarita's modest salary is the only good investment they've ever made and hatches a series of ill-conceived schemes to keep her in the country. Suddenly, it seems like everyone wants to save Margarita - everyone, that is, except the one person who actually could.

Directors Dominique Cardonal and Laurie Colbert, who won awards with their celebrated documentary Thank God I’m a Lesbian and the feature Finn’s Girl return to the screen with another huge crowd-pleaser in this quirky comedic drama about love in the face of uncertainty.

Winner: Audience Awards (Best Feature), Toronto Inside Out LGBT Film Festival; Women’s International Film Festival, France

Directors Laurie Colbert and Dominique Cardone expected to attend both screenings

DIRECTOR: Dominique Cardona, Laurie Colbert
Producer: Rechna Varma
Editor: Phyllis Housen
Screenwriter: Laurie Colbert, Margaret Webb
Cinematographer: D Gregor Hagey
Music: Germaine Franco
Principal Cast: Nicola Correia Damude, Patrick McKenna, Christine Horne, Claire Lautier, Maya Ritter, Marco Grazzini
Filmography: Dominique Cardona & Laurie Colbert:
Finn’s Girl (2007), My Feminism (1997), Thank God I’m a Lesbian (1992)
Print Source: Dykon Films & Rechna Productions -

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