The Girl

The Girl
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Friday, January 04, 12:30 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
Standby tickets at the door (as available) Call 760-778-8979 for more info.

Friday, January 11, 1:30 PM
Camelot Theatres
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Saturday, January 12, 4:30 PM
Camelot Theatres
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The Girl
USA, 2012, 94 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: Mexico
Topics: Drama, Latino
Programs: New Voices/New Visions, World Cinema Now
Language: English English Sub-Titles

David Riker’s moving, carefully crafted and timely drama benefits immensely from Abbie Cornish’s (Bright Star; Limitless) riveting central performance as Ashley, a truculent mother fighting to regain custody of her fostered-out young son and get a grip on her own life. Ashley is single, battling alcohol issues, living in a Texas trailer park and holding everyone responsible for her problems except herself. Cornish turns what could have been a deeply unlikable character into a fully fleshed woman who elicits compassion and understanding over the course of the film.

When Ashley accepts her trucker-father’s (Will Patton) invitation to visit him at his home just across the Mexican border, she learns he makes extra money by smuggling Mexicans into the US. Ashley sees a chance for some quick cash and finds a group to guide across the Rio Grande, only to have things go terrible awry. Stuck with young Mexican girl Rosa (Maritza Santiago Hernandez) after the incident, Ashley — not wanting to lose another child to the authorities — grows determined to ensure the girl’s safety…

Director David Riker expected to attend the January 4 screening

DIRECTOR: David Riker
Producer: Paul Mezey
Editor: Stephanie Ahn, Malcolm Jamieson
Screenwriter: David Riker
Cinematographer: Martín Boege
Music: Jacobo Lieberman, Leonardo Helblum
Principal Cast: Abbie Cornish, Will Patton, Maritza Santiago Hernandez, Austin Wayne West
Filmography: La Ciudad (The City) (1998)
Print Source: Vitagraph Films -

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