Our Homeland

Our Homeland  {Kazoku no kuni}
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Friday, January 04, 8:30 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Sunday, January 06, 10:00 AM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Our Homeland
Kazoku no kuni
Japan, 2012, 100 Minute Running Time
US Premiere
Topics: Asian, Drama
Program: Awards Buzz : Best Foreign Language Film
Language: Japanese, Korean English Sub-Titles

Many of the descendants of Koreans brought to Japan between 1910 and 1945 during Japan’s colonial rule of Korea suffered terrible discrimination. Among these 90,000 were willingly repatriated to North Korea from the 1950s to 1980s, hoping for a better life. Few were ever allowed to return.

Osaka-born Korean-Japanese director Yang Yong-Hi previously explored her family history in the documentaries Dear Pyongyan and Sona, the Other Myself. In this dramatic version, younger brother Son-ho is granted permission to revisit his Japanese family and receive specialized treatment for a brain tumor 25 years after he was sent to North Korea by his well-meaning father at the age of 16.

While his family has remained pro North Korea, the reunion is difficult for everyone, including his older sister Rie (a stand-in for the filmmaker). The tension isn’t dissipated by the fact that Son-ho is under constant surveillance by a North Korean agent, Mr Yang.

Director Yang Yong-Hi expected to attend both screenings

DIRECTOR: Yong-Hi Yang
Producer: Sato Junko, Koshikawa Michio
Editor: Kikui Takashige
Screenwriter: Yang Yong-Hi
Cinematographer: Toda Yoshihisa
Music: Iwashiro Taro
Principal Cast: Arata, Ando Sakura, Yang Ik-June, Kyono Kotomi, Omori Tatsushi
Filmography: Sona, the Other Myself (2009), Dear Pyongyang (2005)
Print Source: Mirovisions - http://www.mirovision.com

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