The Third Half

The Third Half  {Treto poluvreme}
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Sunday, January 06, 4:30 PM
Camelot Theatres
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Monday, January 07, 2:00 PM
Camelot Theatres
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Thursday, January 10, 2:30 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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The Third Half
Treto poluvreme
Macedonia, 2012, 113 Minute Running Time
North American Premiere
Topics: Family Friendly, History, Jewish Interest, Sports
Program: Awards Buzz : Best Foreign Language Film
Language: Macedonian English Sub-Titles

Inspired by real events, The Third Half is a moving story of love and loyalty during wartime explored through the prism of a country’s passion for soccer. In Macedonia, in 1941, Kosta, a cocky soccer player falls in love with Rebecca, a beautiful Jewish woman from a wealthy family. When they decide to marry, her father disowns her.

As war rages on their borders, most Macedonians remain cocooned in a world of patriotic pleasures. Everyone longs for Kosta’s team, Macedonia FC, to catch a winning streak. To facilitate their chances, their manager hires the legendary German-Jewish striker-turned-coach Rudolph Spitz.

But when the Nazis occupy Macedonia and start deporting Jews, Kosta and his teammates must summon the courage to stand up for what’s right. Director Mitrevski notes, “I was seeking witnesses of various historic periods for a TV series when someone mentioned Mrs Neta Koen. I found myself in her apartment listening to her stories: She was one of the few Holocaust survivors in Macedonia, a country in which 98% of the Jewish population was brutally wiped out during the WWII.” Her story inspired this movie.

Director Darko Mitrevski expected to attend the January 6 and January 7 screenings

DIRECTOR: Darko Mitrevski
Producer: Robert Naskov, Darko Mitrevski
Editor: Dejan Boskovic, Alois Fisárek
Screenwriter: Darko Mitrevski, Grgur Strujic
Cinematographer: Klaus Fuxjäger
Music: Kiril Dzajkovski
Principal Cast: Sasko Kocev, Katarina Ivanovska, Richard Sammel, Rade Serbedzija
Filmography: Bal-Can-Can (2005), Goodbye, 20th Century (1998)
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