Festival Guide The Not-So-Fine Print


Anyone (including pass holders) exiting an auditorium with plans to return to that particular screening must obtain a Re-entry Pass, and must return with their pass or ticket stub and re-entry pass. Seating will be done between the short films.

Standby Tickets

When a film screening is deemed "Standby," it means that the allotment of advance tickets has been reached. There is an allocation of seats for ticket holders and an allocation for pas holders. Seats that are set aside for pass holders or ticket holders that go unused are released for sale 10 minutes prior to screening. The released seats will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. Standby lines form one hour prior to each screening.

Passholder Allotment

An allotment of seats are held at every screening for pass holders. Pass holders will be allowed preferred entrance into theatres up to 20 minutes prior to show time or until the pass holder allotment has been reached. Early arrival at all screenings is recommended. Passes (except Chairman Passes) do not guarantee seating and Pass Holders may not always be able to attend the film program of their first choice.

Festival Etiquette

  • Saving seats or a place in line for other guests or between shows is not permitted.
  • No outside food or beverages permitted in auditoriums.
  • If you need to leave the auditorium for any reason, take your Ticket Stub or Festival Pass with you and pick up a RE-ENTRY pass from the volunteer at the door before you leave. No one will be re-admitted without a Ticket Stub/Festival Pass AND the Re-Entry pass.
  • No recording equipment is permitted in the theatre auditorium.
  • Please turn off all cell phones and electronic devices during the film presentation.
  • For the pleasure of all guests, there is no talking or texting permitted during the film presentation and no late seating. Those arriving late will be seated between short films.
  • NO VAPING, for the pleasure of the guests around you, please refrain from using any e-cigarette device in the auditorium
  • Please complete and return your ballot immediately following each screening.
  • To expedite theatre cleaning and seating please discard your trash and exit promptly after your screening.
  • All theatre auditoriums are cleared between show times. Any personal items discovered during the cleaning process will be kept in the Lost & Found in the Box Office.
  • Many lines are outside of the theatres. Please dress appropriately for comfort, as it can get warm during the day, and theatres may get chilly.

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